last car over the sagamore bridge coverLAST CAR OVER THE SAGAMORE BRIDGE

Watch the trailer for Last Car Over the Sagamore Bridge here

Selected by John Williams of the New York Times as a Top Ten Book of the Year:

“This is an ideal moment to appreciate a master of his form.” – The New York Times

A Wall Street Journal Favorite book for 2013:

“Mr. Orner packs remarkable pathos into his condensed dramas.” – Sam Sacks, Wall Street Journal

An Amazon Top Ten Story Collection of the Year

“In each of his books, Orner’s crystalline sentences and his ability to pay close and sustained attention to small moments transform the ordinary elements of each story into an even more astonishing whole.” Lauren Groff, The New York Times Book Review

“Peter Orner is a true writers’ writer…Imagine Brief Interviews with Hideous Men written by Alice Munro.” – Tom Bissell, Harper’s

 “A magnificent and moving mosaic of remarkable narratives.” – The San Francisco Chronicle

“A new story collection reaffirms Chicago-born author Peter Orner’s storytelling mastery.” – Chicago Tribune

“All readers of Last Car Over the Sagamore Bridge will be offered the opportunity to become co-creators, the best, if not only way to ‘complete’ any work of art; and most are likely to feel that they have been enriched in a profound way by Peter Orner’s extraordinary exploration of the modern human condition.” – Haaretz (Tel Aviv)

Last Car Over the Sagamore Bridge is a remarkable, moving collection of short stories by a writer primed to be your next favorite author.” – Alexis Coe, SF Weekly

“In his second story collection, Orner fires jewel-toned shards of fiction into a stunning whole.” – ★ Publishers Weekly, starred review

“Peter Orner’s latest collection of stories, Last Car Over the Sagamore Bridge, is a testament to the way people change stories and stories change people — that when you tell a story, it isn’t always a measure of who you were then, as much as it speaks to who you are now.” – The Millions

“Orner is an undisputed master of the short short story…his is a book of alchemical concentration, microcosmic resonance, arresting surprises, and stubborn tenderness.” – Donna Seaman, Booklist


Peter Orner’s new collection of short stories, Last Car Over the Sagamore Bridge is due out in August, but in the meantime, “Esther Stories” has been reissued. “These engrossing stories are too pure and subtle to be called a proof and demonstration of the power of literary realism,” Marilynne Robinson writes in a foreword. “Such a statement would have to be translated into suppler language … to sound as true as it is in fact.” – Chicago Tribune


Watch the Love and Shame and Love trailer (starring Edward Asner) here.

“Elegant yet intimate, this is a book that gets into your head and makes itself at home there. Orner’s Love and Shame and Love is more like the James Salter of Light Years and A Sport and a Pastime, with their acutely observed domestic and sexual tension.” New York Times

“Orner is unusually gifted at creating freighted moments of despair that generate far more impact than their size would suggest.” Washington Post

 “An ambitious, kaleidoscopic novel of the Jewish experience in Chicago….Love and Shame and Love serves not only as an ode to the history of Chicago, but to Chicago literature itself….But the more universal story of the Poppers’ thwarted dreams and loves will likely resonate with those who have never set foot in Chicago or its northern suburbs.” – Chicago Tribune

“Beautiful…. Think Saul Bellow (Chicago setting, rollicking Jewish-style comedy) mated with Chekhov (unassuming, devastating detail), set to the twangy thump of early Tom Petty. Now that promises quite a love child….” – Boston Globe

“Mr. Orner has found a way of making loss and reclamation exist side by side.” – Wall Street Journal

“From his first story collection, Esther Stories, on to his most recent novel, Love Shame and Love, Peter Orner has established himself as one of the most distinctive American voices of his generation.”  Granta

“In his magnificent second novel, Love and Shame and Love, Peter Orner proves he is one of the finest American poets of family weather.The Toronto Star

“Orner’s second novel is a vibrant masterpiece about what it is to live in America—and what it is to live.” –